Album progress

So we have a final mix for the track Lifeboat, thanks to the grooving drums of Atma Anur and the sensitive ears and growling double bass of Andy Seward. It is a lovely sound and will be heard on the new album. The rough mix that was briefly posted on Soundcloud has now been taken down. Onto the next track….

Here come the samples from the new If Wen Album.

Hi, so the songs for the new If Wen album are finally coming off the mixing desk. What we’re going to do is start to release some previews of each and every track to give you an idea of how beautiful the new album is sounding. These previews will each come out with a story associated with each track. There’s no album release date just as yet, but If Wen is getting there – after five years – he’s getting there! The second If Wen album is coming! And from what we’ve heard it’s worth the wait. Watch this space for news of the first track sample…


Album progress update + US sales

The first bit of news is that If Wen’s new album is now recorded. The Sennen Sessions were exceptional. This was the second session in the cliff top house and followed the loss of seven songs recorded last year in an unrecoverable hard disc crash. As a result If Wen has recorded three new songs which wouldn’t have been written for this album. We love them! The crash happened for a reason. Mixing for all these songs is now underway. The provisional track list is as follows:

Trouble’s All I’ve Had @ Rocky Road @ No Space @ Hearts are Strong @ Pappy * Lifeboat +@ Sail On +@ Stop the Rain +@ Just Air +@ Barley Tree * Beautiful World @ Chasing Rainbows *@ Winnie Hill +* Turned to Dust +*

Recorded on the cliff overlooking Sennen Cove, Kernow @ Recorded in the barn at Morvah, Kernow + Recorded in Barnes, London *

These following tracks haven’t made the cut this time, but will continue to be heard live:

All I Want @ (this was lost in the hard drive crash and hasn’t yet been re-recorded) Saw the Rainbow; Even now; Say Something; Planet of Gold; Keep the Faith; Come and Find Me; Listen to the Rain; The One; Still Believe; Breath of Old; Never Change;

The second bit of news is that the album is selling in the USA – despite zero promotion – it must be word of mouth. If you bought it, thanks! The second album is going to be better still…